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HTML Help & Info - graphic by Cheryl

Here is a list of some helpful sites that you might like to visit on the WWW. They will help you to learn to make your own web pages.

When I first started creating web pages for my family and me, I used Windows Notepad and our Internet browser and followed the instructions found in PC Novice magazine (now Smart Computing). I used the October through December 1996 issues, which has a 3-part series called "Learn The Language Of The Web" by Marti Remington. You should be able to get the magazine from your local library or you can try contacting the customer service dept. of the magazine for information to order the back issues. I now use FlexED for writing my web pages which is a nice Australian HTML editing program that I have found and I do like using's much easier to create web pages with it rather than with Windows Notepad and it even has an internal viewer to use if you wish to see your page while you are working on it.

And here's one helpful tip for anyone new to HTML and making web pages:
Be sure to view the source code and see how it is done if you have any questions about how the person arranged's a good way to learn some of the different approaches that people have used with HTML.....but please do NOT copy/steal it from someone......that is known as "plagerism." Please be sure to read "A Word To The Wise" by Judith, the Lady of Williamsholler for some important information that you should know. (And you might enjoy checking out the music of the Dreamsharer  while you are visiting Williamsholler. He has some very beautiful music there that I always enjoy listening to!)

Visit Williamsholler

Visit the Dreamsharer and enjoy his beautiful music!

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Web Page Help and Info:

Billy Bear's Clipart FAQ -
Be sure to read the information available here about copyrights, graphics, and other information that was written by Loraine Wauer Ferus. It is definitely a MUST READ for everyone, especially beginners.

Billy Bear's Clipart FAQ 2 - Why Should I...? -
Go here to learn why you should do certain things with graphics and your web pages. Includes information for WebTV users also. Definitely a MUST READ for everyone!

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Creating A Successful Web Site -
Lots of information available here about how to make a web page and what to do with it.

GIF Wizard -
After creating a graphic, you may wish to reduce the size of it by visiting GIF Wizards sample page so that it will load faster onto people's browsers. Another plus is that it's a FREE Service!

How to Build a Web Page in 25 Steps -
Read this just for some's a humorous view about creating a web page.

Imagemap Authoring Guide and Tutorial Sites -
Just like the name says, this is an imagemap authoring guide with links to tutorial sites.

Java Goodies by Joe Burns -
A good site with tutorials and links for using Java Script.

NetMechanic HTML Validation -
NetMechanic HTML Validation - find Syntax Errors: Let the NetMechanic check your web pages for bad HTML tags in your web pages. If you have a large site, you can run the job in the background and they will e-mail you the results of it since the testing can take several hours.

Netscape's Web Building Guide -
Go here to get help from Netscape for creating your web site.

Sepdet's Web Tricks -
Tips and techniques for creating web pages.

Simple Tips On Creating Your Own Web Site by CS Design -
A nice page by Chris Stern of CS Design that explains things you should know when you create your own web site. You should also check out her Cherished Memories for anything genealogy related and CS Designs for general web graphics and information. The websites are absolutely wonderful.

SmartSaver by Ulead Systems -
Another web image optimizer that you may wish to check out. Also check out the other programs offered by Ulead on their main page.

Ten Quick Tips for Better Site Design -
Written by Tom Karlo, this list of pointers and direction is meant for people who know HTML and want to produce better site designs.

The Ultimatorium: The Ultimate Web Resource Center. -
Everything you'll ever need to know about creating web pages plus original artwork in Dan's Psycho-Delic Art Galleries.

The Web Diner -
Check out this web site which offers some unique web page templates at the Web Diner Drive-In as well as tutorials and graphics. Don't miss visiting this site!

Tips To A Home Page -
Some very good suggestions for a home page can be found here. ALso be sure to check out their main page, Dreamfires Designs, for tutorials, FREE graphics, and all sorts of things.

Tom's Tips for Web Designers -
This is meant for people with some experience with Photoshop who want to learn how to do more things with it and was written by Tom Karlo for use with the Mac or PC.

WebGraphics Optimizer -
According to the website, "WebGraphics Optimizer for Windows 95/NT is the ultimate solution in web graphics optimization. It is user friendly, fast, and has tons of useful features" It is something that you may wish to look into and trying if you are interested in improving the speed of the loading time for your web pages. You may download it and try it FREE for 30 days before deciding if you would like to purchase and register the program.

Web Site Garage -
Go here before you release your web pages to the public and get a "tune-up" done on your web pages if you would like to make the most of them. It can even view your site in 18 different browsers, platforms, and screen sizes. You can get a FREE 1-page tune-up done here.

Please e-mail me if you find any URLs here that are no longer working or have a new URL for the web site.
I last visited the above URLs on or before 27 August 1998.