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Here is a list of some helpful sites that you might like to visit on the WWW. They will help you to learn about Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and how to create your own web pages using HTML. *smile* I just wish I had had all of these sites around when I started making my web pages. *L* Life would have been a lot easier then! *grin*

When I first started creating web pages for my family and me, I used Windows Notepad and our Internet browser and followed the instructions found in PC Novice magazine (now Smart Computing). I used the October through December 1996 issues, which has a 3-part series called "Learn The Language Of The Web" by Marti Remington. You should be able to get the magazine from your local library or you can try contacting the customer service dept. of the magazine for information to order the back issues. I now use FlexED for writing my web pages which is a nice Australian HTML editing program that I have found and I do like using's much easier to create web pages with it rather than with Windows Notepad and it even has an internal viewer to use if you wish to see your page while you are working on it.

And here's one helpful tip for anyone new to HTML and making web pages:
Be sure to view the source code and see how it is done if you have any questions about how the person arranged's a good way to learn some of the different approaches that people have used with HTML.....but please do NOT copy/steal it from someone......that is known as "plagerism." Please be sure to read "A Word To The Wise" by Judith, the Lady of Williamsholler for some important information that you should know. (And you might enjoy checking out the music of the Dreamsharer  while you are visiting Williamsholler. He has some very beautiful music there that I always enjoy listening to!)

Visit Williamsholler

Visit the Dreamsharer and enjoy his beautiful music!

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HTML Help:

Smart Computing -
Good computer magazine with lots of informative articles that are written in plain English and not techno-babble! (formerly PC Novice)

Basic HTML by Example by Will Jones -
A tutorial with 17 steps with each step covering a new HTML tag or modifier. Be sure to check out his other HTML web pages for more help with HTML.

Create A Web Page by RPA Communications -
Follow their instructions to create a simple webpage of your own while you are online which you can save to your computer. Just be sure to save all the graphics to your computer along with the webpage created.

Doctor HTML - v5 (TM) -
Doctor HTML (TM) is a Web page analysis tool that retrieves an HTML page and reports on any problems that it finds. This tool gives you a clear, easy-to-use report of information that is should help you to improve your web page.

Draac's School Of HTML -
This is written for users of WebTV but I think that most beginners to HTML will understand the lessons that Draac gives here. And if you have WebTV HTML questions, be sure to check out Draac's FAQs About HTML for WebTV E-mails.

FYI From Innocent Angel To You -
For Your Information From Angel To You: How to set up a web page with directions from Innocent Angel at GeoCities. And don't forget to check out her links for more info and help!

5-Minute HTML Quick Start from Project Cool, Inc. -
Follow their 12 step program to make your own web page.

GIFPILE - Homepage Resources -
You may also use this URL:
This is a web page resource center that has links to animations, backgrounds, banners, buttons & lines, color guides, clipart, counters, design & style, fonts, graphics, icons, & kids stuff.

Givers, Takers, & the Pagan Web -
Some Do's and Don'ts for making your webpages along with some other information which is worth reading.

HotWired: Webmonkey: A How-To Guide for Web Junkies -
This site has a lot of information available for making your own web pages as well as a HTML tutorial.

HTML Goodies by Joe Burns -
This is a good site with lots of info and links for all kinds of things having to do with HTML. And don't forget to check out his "Setting Up Your First Site" ( if you want to create your own webpages.:

HTML Guidelines by Riaan Lourens. -
Some basic and complex HTML how-tos can be found here.

HTML Help from KIDZ -
Lots of help and information here from World Village to help you create your own web pages.

HTML Lady's Webpage Startup -
This is a complete step-by-step guide to setting up your first web page. And be sure to check out her "Cottage Row Graphics" for

HTML Made Really Easy by James Marshall -
A nice HTML tutorial that is also available in Spanish as translated through the courtesy of René Alvarez Macotela.

HTML Quick Reference from the University of Kansas -
This is just as the name says it is.....a quick reference for HTML.

HTML Tag Reference by Will Jones -
Part of "The Niftie Learn HTML in 3 Hours" tutorial by Will Jones. This gives you more information about a command in HTML.

Net Guide's Web Builder 101 by Michelle Schoenung -
I think they have something here for everyone from beginners to professionals. The Web Builder 101 offers 5 sections:  Learning HTML, Making a Website Without HTML, Tips, Tricks, & Reference, Advanced Skills, and Where to Host Your Site,

NetMechanic HTML Validation -
NetMechanic HTML Validation - find Syntax Errors: Let the NetMechanic check your web pages for bad HTML tags in your web pages. If you have a large site, you can run the job in the background and they will e-mail you the results of it since the testing can take several hours.

Nic's HTML Page -
Learn HTML in seven easy steps with help from Nic.

Pagecrazy's Website Elves -
A website developed for helping 'net friends help each other with website design, graphics, and HTML.

PurP's World: HTML, Graphics and FUN! -
Lots of links and info here for HTML and other things.

The Niftie Learn HTML In 3 Hours tutorial by Will Jones -
This tutorial has 17 steps with each step covering a new HTML tag or modifier.

The Table Sampler -
A tutorial by example of Tables from Netscape. This covers most of the new tags in tables, but it doesn't show some of the really creative capabilities that can be done in tables.

The Ten Commandments of HTML by Sean Howard -
There is no disrespect is intended towards the Bible or the "Ten Commandments" at this site. It does answer a lot of questions about HTML in a fun way though. It should be read by everyone who wants to learn and know about HTML. Also available in Danish and Norwegian.

Web Diner's Web Adventure -
There is an excellent tutorial here for HTML and making your own webpages. Don't miss reading this one!

Webbuild's Help Pages -
Webbuild: HTML Writing, WebPage Construction, Java: help with page designs and offers different topics on their site. It also offers you several low cost web page storage plans. They also offer you free domain name registration and your own domain with 60MB of space for only $19.95 a month.

Web Tutor by Joe Barta -
If you're new at designing Web pages, you can check out this tutorial, which you can download and then view in your browser off-line. It will teach you everything you need to know about building a Web site, from the basics to frames to forms to frames and more.

Windy's Web Design's How Do I.....? -
Windy's Web Design tells you in plain English how to do what with the following: Border Backgrounds, Embedded Midi Files, and Scrolling Ticker - JavaScript.

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Please e-mail me if you find any URLs here that are no longer working or have a new URL for the web site.
I last visited the above URLs on or before 27 August 1998.

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