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bed of flowers

People and Web Pages on the WWW....

bed of flowers

This is a list of most of my friends on the WWW with links provided for those with their own home web pages. Most of them can be found at different times during the day or night at Fantassia's Palace and others are people that I've met while online! I decided to list everyone alphabetically to make it easier if you're looking for someone or their webpages. (And if I've missed listing anyone, it wasn't done intentionally! Please let me know so I can add to and/or fix my list!)

(Please let me know if you would like your name/webpages added here.)

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Family, Friends and People on the WWW!

Caution:  Some pages shown below may not be suitable for viewing by children.

I can't resist showing off my first animated banner that I made for Kevin's HP! *grin*
I think it turned out pretty good, don't you? *S*

Visit Kevin Coffield's HP today to listen to his music

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My Banner!

This is the banner that Raphael and temptation designed for my web pages! *smiles*

Cinnaminn's Corner banner by Raphael

My Button!

This is a button that jackhammer made for me! *smiles*

Cinnaminn's Corner button by jackhammer

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Thanks for visiting my web pages!
I hope you enjoyed your visit and will visit again soon!

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Click on the button below to get a great background like the one on this web page!

Phyllis's Backgrounds & Alphabets

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Updated as of 14 February 2000.

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